1. Will you help me pose for my photos? 


Yes! I will take care of everything. Your only responsibility is to come happy.

2. Do you provide videography services? 


My primary focus is photography, but I'm more than happy to refer you to some great videographers. 

3. How many photos do I get? 


I live by the "quality over quantity" rule. Although I review each photo, I only select, edit and deliver the best photos. Nonetheless, you can expect a minimum of 50 edited photos per hour of me shooting. 

4. Do you have a studio? 


Not at the moment. 

5. Do you have insurance? 


Who are you - the police? Jk. Yes, I do. Let me know if your venue needs my information. 

6. What is the benefit of having a 2nd photographer? 


Having a 2nd photographer is helpful when various events are happening at the same time. For example, bride and groom prep are often held at two different locations. Moreover, while I focus on the newlyweds and family portraits, the 2nd photographer is capturing candid photos of guests and ceremony/reception details.

7. How will I receive and view my photos? 


All edited images are uploaded to a private online photo gallery for your convenience. A USB flash drive is included in all wedding/event packages. 


8. Can I have the RAW photo files? 


Nope. Sorry, buddy. 

9. Do you travel? 


Yes, but only for weekend events. 

10. Is photography your fulltime job? 


No, but I treat it like it is. I have so much passion for what I do and who I do it for. 

11. I heard you play in a band. Is this true? 


Yep! I've been creating music with my band, My Machete, since 2005. We've toured the West Coast twice and have released several albums/tracks. Take a listen and give us a follow!